BLV Betting

BLV Betting – The #1 Betting Website! BLV Betting is a local San Diego business that needed a new website designed to match the look and feel of their current website, but be mobile enhanced to fit ALL browsers and screens. The Web Factory was up for the challenge and was honored to be chosen to build the new BLV Betting website landing page and mobile version.
The custom graphic design sliders, clean layout, bold images and overall design gives BLV Betting a more competitive edge over the competition and leaves a “WOW factor” for all users. The mobile version is also a 100% complete custom design that is built to match the look and feel of the desktop site; and beautifully fits ALL screen sizes and browsers.

Mobile Version
The mobile version of BLV Betting is a state of the art layout that is designed to fit ALL media devices from iPhones, HTC and tablets. The mobile layout is also designed to be 100% cross browser friendly and to be uniformed with the desktop version. Users have responded well to the mobile version and BLV Betting is becoming one of San Diego’s most well know online casino and betting sites. Part of their effort to build a better mobile version and to remain “innovative”, has given BLV a leg up on the competition!


Need A Landing Page Designed?
Don’t settle for a website that is not competitive, mobile enhanced and or does not leave a lasting impression on your users. Now a days, the “cookie cutter” websites (like Square Space, GoDaddy or other “free sites”) are slowly becoming obsolete because of how competitive the modern day web has become. Anyone can put together a website, but not everyone can build a successful one.

The Web Factory designs state of the art websites that are designed specifically for your target market and which stay relevant for years down the road. Please contact our lead developer, Jon if you have any questions or for more information about Web Factory built websites. Our price quotes are 100% free with no contracts or commitments. Give us a chance to show you what makes our standard of design and customer service so much more special; you will b absolutely glad you did!